Freshly Prepared Greek Food and Pastries

The smell of lemon, oregano, and garlic fill the air as fresh meats are grilled over open flames and the sight of the pastry table proves to be more than anyone’s willpower could bear!  Tremendous focus has been put into obtaining fresh, local, ingredients wherever possible, from the eggplant in the Moussaka, to the tomatoes that go on your Gyros and in your salad!  Food items are available as complete meals or a la carte.  Prices range from $5 for most a la carte items to $14 for most complete meals. 


Check out our delicious menu below!



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Psistaria "The Grill"

Lamb Chops

Greek style lamb chops freshly butchered and marinated in oregano and fresh lemon, then grilled over a scorching wood fire!

Gyro Sandwich

Combination of sliced marinated lamb and beef meat, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce (traditional sauce made of Greek yogurt, fresh cucumber and garlic) on pita bread.

Flaming cheese on pita bread, OPA!!!!  

Souvlaki on a Pita
The famous item served at Festival of the Arts for the last 20 years!  Pork on a stick marinated in our own Greek seasoning, char grilled over an open flame and served on a pita.

Patates Tiganites 
Fresh potatoes
 cut french-style, deep fried until golden brown, and topped with Greek seasoning and feta cheese!

Hot Dogs

All right... maybe not technically Greek, but what is a summer festival without them?

Estiatorio "The Restaurant"

Two hand-rolled grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat, and fresh herbs.

Spinach, feta cheese, herbs, eggs baked in phyllo dough until crisp.

Horiatiki "Village" Salad
Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and feta cheese, tossed in olive oil with a touch of vinegar.

Fassoulakia me Domata
Green beans in a Greek tomato sauce.

A Greek lasagna layered with potatoes, eggplant, Greek meat sauce, and topped with a white cream sauce.

Lamb Shank Dinner
Tender, slow roasted, Greek-style, lamb shank served with fassoulakia (green beans), rice, 
horiatiki salad, pita bread 

Spanakopita Dinner
2 pieces of spanakopita, served with araka (green peas), rice, 
horiatiki "village" salad, pita bread

Kotopoulo Lemonato Dinner
Slow-roasted lemon chicken (1/2 chicken, on the bone) seared on the charcoal grill, served with fassoulakia (green beans), rice, 
horiatiki "village" salad, pita bread

Gleka "The Bakery"

Small, homemade pastries, (similair to an airy doughnut) are cooked to order and served warm in a syrup made of honey and spices.

A soft cookie dipped in a syrup made of honey, orange, cinnamon, and cloves, then topped with walnuts.

A homemade walnut, spice, cake that is lightly soaked in a flavorful syrup.

The classic Greek pastry! A mixture of walnuts, cinnamon, cloves, and honey layered in filo dough.

Greek butter cookies covered in powdered sugar.

A mixture of chopped walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and butter wrapped in shredded filo dough, then covered in a honey syrup.

A homemade Greek custard, wrapped in buttered filo dough, baked till crisp, then covered in honey.

A traditional braided, Greek butter cookie.  Great for dunking in your coffee!

Walnut Roll
A walnut mixture wrapped in filo.

Pecan Blossoms
Honey covered, spiced pecans nestled in a "blossom" of filo dough.