Yassou" means welcome and we welcome you to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. We are thrilled to bring Grand Rapids an event celebrating the culture and traditions of the Greek Orthodox people. We look forward to sharing with you our music, dances, gifts, and of course our FOOD! We welcome you to visit and tour our beautiful church and ask about our Orthodox Faith. Please spend some of your weekend with us and we are sure you will be glad you did. Opa!


Welcome to Yassou!


You can be certain that this didn't become Grand Rapids' favorite party without unbelievable entertainment!  Everything from a great live band and dance demonstrations, to wine tastings and cooking classes, there is something for everyone at Yassou!

Food & Drink!

We have prepared an assortment of authentic Greekfood for you to enjoy. Choose from appetizers, full meals, sandwiches and side items. And definitely don’t forget dessert! Baklava is only the beginning…

This year, Yassou! will be supporting the The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan - be nice, as it's charity sponsor.  The MHF is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating open conversation and education about mental health awareness.  For more information, visit www.benice.org