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Yassou! Taverna!

Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world!  Evidence of wine production dates back more than 6,500 years!  Since that time, wines have been shared and enjoyed not only in households but in communal celebrations like ours.  And what cultural celebration would be complete without exposure to the local libations?  As part of our commitment to our heritage and our local community, you will find that we are primarily offering beers and wines that are either from Greece or Michigan.  See below to find our beer and wine offerings, not to mention tasting notes on each.

The Frouzo!  A frozen libation made notorious in Greek communities around Michigan, started right here in Grand Rapids!

Specialty Cocktails

The Frouzo! - Holy Trinity's very own special libation, concocted and served only one time per year!  This delicious frozen specialty features the Greek spirit, ouzo, mixed with a number of other sweet and tart ingredients, then frozen!  An absolute must-try!


Ouzo - The anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus, especially during times of celebration.  When served neat, it is as crystal clear as water.  When poured over rocks, it turns a luscious milky white.  Either way it is delicious! 


Greek Wines


Kourtaki Retsina -  Retsina is a product unique to the Greek vineyards. This un-oaked dry white has a slightly tangy flavor with the traditional characteristic hint of pine resin.


Kouros Nemea Dry Red - This dry red was aged 7 months in French oak and is elegant, medium-bodied, with a core of fresh berries and plums balanced by polished tannins.


Kouros White Patras - From the Patras region of Greece. This un-oaked dry white is crisp and elegant with pear-like fruitiness and a hint of melon on the finish.


Michigan & Greek Beer


Pills Hellas- Traditional lager brewed in Greece.

Founders All Day IPA - Need we say more?  World-class ale from our backyard.

Oberon Summer Ale - The quintessential summertime classic.


Coors Light - Good old American light lager. 

White Claw - Something cold, alcoholic, and carbonated that isn't beer. 


Forbidden Fruit Sangria - Simply delicious and refreshing drink with a great tradition, this ruby sangria is filled with aromas of fresh berry and citrus fruits. 

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